About Us | Flight’s history is testament to the company’s commitment to responding to customer needs:

  • 1907: Flight group founded to manufacture quality leather luggage which progressed mass produced fibreboard and soft luggage.
  • 1970’s: Flight invested in plastic manufacturing.
  • 1970’s: Flight starts to manufacture plastic luggage.
  • 1970’s: Flight’s Forestry and Timber division was founded with the first plantings of radiata pine in Marlborough.
  • 1983: Flight enters Australian market with in-country Marketing Representative.
  • 1986: Flight commences manufacture of plastic sheet extrusion and thermoforming.
  • 1988: Flight purchases Marlborough-based timber milling and processing company in Blenheim, New Zealand.
  • 1989: Flight enter UK and European markets with joint manufacturing venture establishing a plant in the United Kingdom.
  • 2005: Flight purchases Adelaide based extrusion business establishing manufacturing presence in Australia.
  • 2017: Flight opens the first RPET recycling wash plant in NZ.


Today Flight Group employs 200 people across its plastics and timber business units | The company operates 3 different plastics manufacturing plants in Wellington New Zealand, Adelaide Australia and Hampshire United Kingdom. Each manufacturing plants supplies their own in country markets with a wide range of plastic sheet extrusion and thermoforming products. Flight Plastics UK also serves Ireland and mainland Europe.

Flights timber milling and processing plant in Marlborough New Zealand has enjoyed a ten-fold production increase following substantial upgrade and development since purchasing in 1988. Flight also has a significant high quality forest resource with a well spread age profile that will continue to be enhanced. Flight is now an industry leader for quality and consistency in the New Zealand, Australian, European, Asian and USA markets it serves.

Flights success is underpinned by its commitment and willingness to continuously reinvest its profit in its markets with substantial, modern, sustainable and technically advanced manufacturing facilities. The highly customised service continues to expand in all markets. Flight will continue to provide premium grade products, solutions and service to its individual markets across the globe.


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