In the plastics industry sustainability is always a hot topic | To be successful in this industry Flight Plastics has and continues to lead the way on investment in sustainable practices. With the opening of New Zealand first RPET wash plant in 2017 Flight now closes the loop on plastics recycling.

Sustainability across the Flight Plastics business also includes:

  • With the capacity for all NZ RPET to be recycled repeatedly the PET that is currently in the market becomes our own renewable resource.
  • No longer importing 20,000 tonnes of virgin PET per year.
  • Recycling 98% of all in house plastic and non plastic waste.
  • Low waste, high efficiency manufacturing machinery that regenerates energy.
  • Low energy lighting.
  • Low energy manufacturing machinery.

The world relies on plastic and it is our role to make it perform effortlessly for today’s people and our world.

Flight Plastics are the proud winner of the Wellington Gold Awards, 2014 Green Gold Award for sustainability.


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Sustainability | Renewable resources underpin Flight’s business across both in timber and plastics operations.

Sustainability is core to Flight Timbers including:

  • A substantial estate of plantation pine forest across a range of age classes.
  • Continual rotation from planting through to harvest.
  • Substantial carbon sequestration.
  • Erosion control in Marlborough area.
  • Large area of indigenous forest maintained as natural habitat for native flora and fauna.
  • Provision of outdoor recreational areas for the local community including hunting. Tramping, horse riding.